2 Part Oil Painting Workshop for experienced painters

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Strictly limited to 8 students 

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THE BACKROUND:  I held a two-day workshop in Spring ’17 that was specifically targeted at experienced painters who took part in the workshop in the understanding that I would guide them in their works but only helping hands-on with corrections when the student themselves was truly ’stuck’.  We worked beautifully as a group with much peer-led advice and critiques being offered within the group. Because all participants held a certain level of competency in painting, it allowed extra time within the workshop  for me to use my skills as a teacher and guide in a very balanced and lovely way. 

THE PRESENT:   Having completed the third in our successful series of 2-part workshops it will be back again due to your popular demand!  Please do contact me to discuss your interest…

With everyone in the group having a similar, basic level of competency in painting this workshop allows me to use my skills as a teacher to encourage, challenge and help you to create a piece of art that is individual to you and if you are open to the idea, to bring the idea of introducing a narrative into your works, that is, to bring your chosen story into your art, which could be anything, personal or general…  It will be like an artistic boot-camp for your creativity (but in a relaxed and gentle way!).

These workshops will present you with the opportunity to explore your subject matter and techniques a little further by:

1. Asking you to prepare for your workshop beforehand.  Upon receipt of booking you will be sent a brief about the workshops inviting you to bring along additional items or images of   inspiration to your workshop so that you may give yourself a ‘head-start’ on your creative process. 

2. Taking the pressure off finishing the painting in one day – thus allowing drying time for the oil paint in between workshops. This opens a door to learning new and exciting techniques e.g. glazing techniques, building up textures with mixed media etc.  The possibilities are endless! 

3. Allowing more time during the workshops to absorb your teacher’s and peer’s critiques, impressions and advice on your works (and you to offer yours in return), thereby opening up your  sense of creativity in your own work and widening your knowledge of varying techniques, tastes, knowledge etc.  This also will have the added bonus of hugely increasing your confidence in your painting – trust me!

4. Allow you, the student to do some homework (yes homework!!!) in between workshops, in preparation for day 2 of the experience. This also sneakily guides participants into developing their practise habits at home…”).

Of course you can still complete a painting in one day if desired, another on the second day (and one in between if you like!), it’s all open as usual. 

All the materials you will need are provided, including paints, brushes, canvas and sketching materials.

The workshops run from  10am – 5pm with refreshments available all day. There is a break at midday to enjoy a home cooked lunch.

Book your place early to avoid disappointment.

Strictly limited to 8 students

Contact me with your expression of interest….

Cost: €185 for 2 days, all materials, home cooked yummy lunch and all-day refreshments supplied.

What to do to book:  contact me a.s.a.p. to put your name down and arrange send a deposit of €100 (€50 per workshop) to secure your place, the balance of €85 will be due on arrival on day 1 of workshop.