And They Flew V

 Annual Students’ Exhibition 2017
Renzo’s Café Gallery, Eyre Street (beside Debenhams), Galway City

12th July to 28th August 2017

A truly impressive collection of paintings yet again – Oils, Watercolours and Acrylics from Denise Hogan’s and Gill Christie’s students – Enjoy!

Fringe Mon pm Geraldine Donnolly painting‘UNTITLED’
Acrylic on Canvas by Geraldine Donnelly

Fringe Mon Marcella Feeley painting

Acrylic on Canvas Marcella Feeley

Fringe Mon Sharon Conway painting‘BUTTERFLY BEACH’
Acrylic on Canvas by Sharon Conway

Fringe Mon Bruno painting‘STILL LIFE’
Oil on Canvas by Bruno De Paoli

Fringe Mon Pat Flannery painting‘TULIP IN MEADOW’
Watercolour on Paper by Pat Flannery

Fringe Mon Clare O Grady painting

Oil on Canvas by Clare O’Grady

Fringe Thurs pm Seamus Foy painting

Acrylic on Canvas by Seamus Foy

Fringe Thurs am bridie M painting‘KEEM BAY’
Oil on Canvas by Bridie Mulroe

Fringe Thurs Rose Wall painting

Oil on Canvas by Rose Wall

Fringe Thurs am Mary J painting‘USHUAIA, ARGENTINA’
Oil on Canvas by Mary Joyce

Fringe Thurs pm Geraldine Noone painting‘AISLING’S DAISIES’
Oil on Canvas by Geraldine Noone


Fringe Thurs pm Siobhan Hollian painting ‘MAASAI DAWN’
Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas Board by Siobhán Hollian

  Fringe Thurs pm Cathy Mc Grath painting‘WINDING DOWN’
Oil on Canvas by Cathy Mc Grath

 Fringe Thurs pm Orlaith Keane painting ‘ONE MAY MORNING’
Oil on Canvas by Orlaith Keane

Fringe Wed Angeline Cooke painting‘WINTER GLOW’ (Auvernier, Switz.)
Watercolour on Paper by Angeline Cooke

Fringe Wed Eileen Mc painting‘A SUMMER’S DAY’
Oil on Canvas by Eileen Mc Ginley

Fringe Wed Anne Snowden painting

Oil on Canvas by Anne Snowdon

Fringe Wed Bernadette Blessing painting‘EYE OF THE STORM’
Oil on Canvas by Bernadette Blessing

Fringe Tues am Teresa Byrne Image

Acrylic on Paper by Teresa Byrne

Fringe Tues am Mary Caulfield painting

Acrylic on Canvas by Mary Caulfield

Fringe Tues am elizabeth painting

Acrylic on Canvas by Elizabeth Small

MON EVE Mairead for web‘ENTWINED’
Acrylic on Paper by Mairéad Hogan

Fringe Mon Olive Mills painting‘GREEK FISHING VILLAGE’
Oil on Canvas by Olive Mills

Fringe Mon Liz O Connell painting‘SURFING TIMES I’
Oil on Canvas by Liz O’Connell

Fringe Mon Aine Walsh painting‘FAITH AND HARMONY’
Acrylic  & Glass Paint on Canvas by Áine Walsh

Fringe Tues pm Mary Carroll painting‘GALWAY HOOKERS OF INISHEE’ Inspired by Susan Mary Webb
Watercolour on Paper by Mary Carroll

Fringe Tues pm clodagh raleigh paintingUNTITLED
Pastel on Paper by Clodagh Raleigh

Fringe Tues eve Clare mc painting‘FLUTTERINGS’
Acrylic on Canvas by Clare Mc Loughlin

Fringe Tues pm Anette Donath painting‘BUBBLES’
Oil on Canvas by Anette Donath

Fringe Thurs am Kathleen Thornton painting‘FISHING HOUSE CONG’
Acrylic on Paper by Kathleen Thornton

Fringe Thurs am helen B painting‘EVENING SWELL’

Oil on Canvas board by Helen Byrne

Fringe Thurs am Anne Kenny painting‘AN SCIOBÁL’
Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas by Anne Kenny


 Fringe Thurs am Pat D painting

Acrylic on Paper by Patricia Decke

Fringe Thurs am Liz O'D painting

Acrylic on Paper by Elizabeth O’Dea


Fringe Thurs am Olivia painting‘TRANQUILITY’
Acrylic on Canvas by Olivia Dooley


Fringe Wed Mary M painting

‘THE ROAD TO THE SEA’ After Matt Grogan
Oil on Canvas by Mary P. Murray

Fringe Wed Helen O'Connor painting

Oil on Canvas by Helen O’Connor

Fringe Wed Maura Roe painting‘PEACEFUL PLACE’
Oil on Canvas by Maura Roe

Fringe wed am Helen clarke painting‘BROTHER PIGS’
Oil on Canvas by Helen Clarke

Fringe Tues am Ilona Gilbert Daly painting

Acrylic on Canvas by Ilona Gilbert

Fringe Tues am Bridie O'Connell painting‘AURORA BOREALIS’
Acrylic on Paper by Bridie O’Connell


Watercolour on Paper by Frances Laffey

Fringe Tues am Val Wright painting

Acyrlic on Canvas by Valerie Wright





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