Fine Art For Sale

Hand Painted Fine Art Prints

Joyce Country Yoh

A small selection of Denise’s original works are available as hand-painted, fine art prints. Coming from a fine art printmaking background, Denise has an appreciation and love of printmaking as an art in itself whether it be digital or old-style.

The artist first selects one of her original works as a master. She then photographs the piece and prints it on acid-free watercolour paper. Denise embellishes the prints individually, usually using a mix of egg tempera, indian inks and acrylics, transforming each one into a ‘Variation’ edition. Each ‘Variation’ is unique with subtle differences in tone and brush strokes differentiating it from its sister pieces.

All hand-painted, signed fine art prints come ready for framing in a Fine Art Quality Daler-Rowney Mount (mat).

To order any of these works please contact me. Please note that prices do not include shipping. Sizes listed refer to the works as shown and not to the finished mount/mat size as this may vary slightly.

Two Choices    Limited edition of 50 prints

17.5cm  x 49 cm – €120

Fire Walker

small: 15cm x 20cm – €30
medium: 20cm x 26cm – €55
large: 28cm x 37cm – €85


small: 11cm x 20cm – €30
medium: 16.5cm x 28.5cm – €55
large: 23cm x 41cm – €75


small: 6cm x 20cm – €30
medium: 9.5cm x 28.5cm – €45
large: 13cm x 41cm – €75

small: 18cm x 13cm – €30
medium: 26.5cm x 19.5cm – €55
large: 28cm x 38cm – €85

Connemara Ponies II

small: 12cm x 16cm – €35
medium: 26cm x 20cm – €65
large: 37 x 29cm – €85

Midnight & I

small: 11.5cm x 17.5cm – €30
medium: 18.5cm x 28cm – €55
large: 27cm x 41cm – €85

Joyce Country Yoh Lambs

small: 20cm x 20cm – €35
medium: 19.5cm x 20cm – €55
large: 27cm x 28.5cm – €75

Joyce Country Yoh & Suffolk-cross Lamb

small: 18cm x 13.5cm – €30
medium: 27cm x 20cm – €65
large: 40 x 29cm – €85

Bog Cotton Fire

small: 14cm x 20cm – €30
medium: 28cm x 19cm – €55
large: 41cm x 28cm – €85

Pan’s Wood

medium: 28cm x 20cm – €65
large: 28cm x 40cm – €85